The Big Shrimp Company
Delicious Fresh Shrimp

Pacific White Shrimp Grown in New Jersey

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Fresh Shrimp Delivered

The process starts with salt water trucked in from the Barnegat Bay in New Jersey. The water is pumped at high tide to give us the best water quality. We then transport this water back to our facility and pump it into our 75,000 gallon indoor shrimp farm.

Fresh Shrimp Delivered

The water is then biologically filtered, heated, oxygenated and circulated through our ultra violet light system and then oxygenated to remove any harmful bacteria from the water. Then it is kept at a constantly maintained temperature of 83 degrees. Zero antibiotics and chemicals are added to or used to treat our water.

Our facility continues to recirculate the water, causing no effect on the environment. Our facility monitors every hour for water quality; measuring PH, temperature, dissolved oxygen and ammonia.


Our shrimp feed is produced in Gardner Pennsylvania by Ziegler Brothers, it is scientifically formulated to reduce disease and promote healthier shrimp.

Our indoor facility provide a consistent environment for the shrimp to grow.

Our shrimp are fresh and never frozen and are sold within hours of harvesting.